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    Sign up and receive a comprehensive short game assessment document to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • 15-Minute Review Call

    Schedule a quick 15-minute video call with a certified instructor to review your assessment and get expert feedback.

  • Session Recap

    Get a detailed recap of your call with specific action items and drills, ensuring you have a clear path to short game improvement.

  • Continued Lessons

    If you wish to continue, schedule a more in-depth series of lessons with your instructor, available both in-person or virtually, whichever you prefer.

Comprehensive Short Game Assessment

The 4Par Snapshot is designed to only take 15 minutes and cover all aspects of your short game. Write down your score for each shot category and give purpose to your practice sessions. You will quickly be able to identify areas of strength and weakness you can discuss with our certified professionals.

Expert Instructors

Our team of certified instructors brings a wealth of experience and expertise, offering you professional advice that you can trust. By sharing your Snapshot with them they can quickly diagnose areas for improvement and recommend personalized drills that will have lasting impact on your game.

Convenient Access

Connect with a coach near you or remotely to review your Snapshot and gain immediate insights and receive personalized improvement plans. Our virtual consultations offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to improve your game from anywhere, at any time.

Continuous Improvement

Like the instructor you were paired with during your consultation? Schedule ongoing virtual or in-person lessons. By using the 4Par Snapshot with your instructor you will have a clear benchmark and a roadmap for improvement, helping you to stay focused and motivated on your journey to mastering the short game.

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