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4Par Kit

4Par Kit

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Imagine this, you’ve hit two great shots and are standing on the 18th green with your first look at birdie all day. You are tense, your chest is tight, and your hands are clammy. All you have to do is two putt for par to break 90. You leave the first putt short and miss the second putt long. You finally tap in for bogey, exasperated and defeated. 

If you are like most golfers, you know this feeling all too well. You have a big-time putt, tense up, and miss shots you know you can make. What if there was a way to practice these moments at home or on the practice green? What if you knew for a fact that 80% of the time you sink putts from 6 feet? What if you were confident standing over every putt on the course?

Gain that confidence with 4Par.

  • Engaging and enjoyable augmented reality (AR) training
  • Graphs and statistics after every session
  • Gain insights into your performance with historical data
  • Play Versus Mode with friends in person or virtually!

Whether you are an experienced golfer looking to gain an edge on the competition, or a newcomer looking for structured practice that works, 4Par can help. Don’t let three putts derail your round. Gain the confidence you deserve and eliminate dropped shots for good. Try 4Par today!
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